Why do you run?

As today closes to an end I sit here wondering why do we do it? Why do runners get up at the crack of dawn to sweat, hurt, and exhaust themselves? Because we can. Over this past summer I have been taken back a couple notches, just as I have many times before. Running is past time of mine that I will forever will love. I run to show the power of someone greater within me, to run off the frustration of life, and to meditate on life s promises. I coach to leave behind something greater then I will ever accomplish on my two feet compeating. So as the season comes to a start, why do you run? As the trials and pain of the season trample you when training gets hard, why do you run? When the last race is on the line for all of nothing, why do you run? When your teammates become your family, when you see progress through dedication, and after you finish the last race knowing you had nothing left and achieved your ultimate goal…you soon realize…that is why I run.  Lets go Cougars!


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