Good Afternoon!

Hope everyone is getting excited about the first meet of the school year! As of right now we have a little over 43 kids on the roster, which is very impressive! As it pertains to saturday, I will be taking most of the 43 kids that we have on the roster. Those of you that are injured, cant complete the 2 miles, or have missed more than 2 practices will not be traveling to Decatur on Saturday.

The reason we will not be taking the ones that are hurt is because i want you to rest in on Saturday. I wont run you because i need you healthy in October when we are racing for a district championship, Rather have a healthy you that can contribute, then an injured you that cant run. Same thing goes for the ones that havent completed the two miles yet, Racing two miles is hard and we need you there to complete it. Fear not, you will be ready soon and the hard work will pay off. Those of you that have missed a few practices, you need to be here.

I have made the Travel Itinerary and have to make a few adjustments and those will be out no later than Thursday! Parents you may sign your kids out after the meet on Saturday, if not, make sure you send money with them as we will be eating somewhere afterwards. The meet information is listed below.

-Coach Hansen

Race Times: 8:00a.m. Rolling Schedule:

Varsity 4A & 5AGirls – 5000 Meters Limit 10 runners
Varsity 4A & 5ABoys  5000 Meters
Junior Varsity 4A & 5AGirls – 5000 Meters
Junior Varsity 4A & 5ABoys – 5000(Meters
Varsity 1A, 2A, & 3AGirls – 3200(Meters
Varsity 1A, 2A, & 3ABoys – 5000 Meters
Junior Varsity 1A, 2A, & 3AGirls – 3200 Meters
Junior Varsity 1A, 2A, & 3ABoys – 5000 Meters
Junior High SchoolGirls – 3200 Meters
Junior High SchoolBoys – 3200 Meters

Course: The Eagle Summit Course is not a flat course! This course will be challenging. Many rolling hills and the start and finish are located at one of the highest points in Decatur. It is really a nice view.Spectators will be able to view the majority of the race from one spot!


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