Race on Saturday at Jaycee Park!

Good Afternoon Cougar Nation!

Here are some small details about the race on Saturday!

Schedule:                                                                                                  Distance

1 – 3A Varsity Girls                          8:30               3200 meters

4 – 5A Varsity Girls                          8:45               5000 meters

1- 3A Varsity Boys                           9:10               5000 meters

4 – 5A Varsity Boys                          9:30               5000 meters

Lummus/Miller Challenge                                         1 mile

JV Girls                                              10:10              3200 meters

JV Boys                                             10:35               5000 meters

Jr. High Girls                                     11:00             3200 meters

Jr. High Boys                                        11:15            3200 meters

(We start the second race before the first race has finished so have runners ready to go.  This will be our first year for girls running 5k so there may need to be some adjustment to the start times that follow)

If you need directions to where we are running in Ennis here you go! Bus is leaving at 7am. Have the kids bring money because we will briefly stop and grab something to eat. ETA back to the school is 3pm

-Coach Hansen

.  Merge onto I-35W S via the ramp on theleft.

8.2 mi
5. Take the I-35W-BR exit, EXIT 26B, on theleft toward Alvarado.

0.3 mi
6. Merge onto I-35-BR.

0.3 mi
7. Turn slight left onto US-67 N.

  • Wells Fargo Of Alvarado is on the corner
  • If you reach W Purdom St you’ve gone about 0.5 miles too far
12.7 mi
8. Take the exit toward US-287/Ft Worth/US-73-SPUR/Waxahachie.

0.2 mi
9. Stay straight to go onto S US-67.

0.2 mi
10. Merge onto US-287 S towardWaxahachie.

25.3 mi
11. Take US-287-BR S/W Ennis Ave towardEnnis.

1.7 mi
12. Turn left onto Jeter Dr.

  • Jeter Dr is 0.2 miles past Yorkstown Dr
  • If you are on W Ennis Ave and reach S Hall Styou’ve gone about 0.4 miles too far
0.7 mi
13. Jeter Dr becomes Country Club Rd/FM-1722.

0.4 mi
14. Turn right onto Sundale St.

  • Sundale St is just past Hillcrest Ave
  • If you reach St Andrews Dr you’ve gone about 0.6 miles too far
0.3 mi
15. Take the 2nd left onto Austin Dr.

  • Austin Dr is 0.1 miles past Sunset Dr
  • If you reach Lyndale Dr you’ve gone a little too far
Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step
0.2 mi
16. Turn right onto Bluebonnet Hills Dr.

0.08 mi
17. Turn left onto Park St.

0.3 mi
18. [400-499] PARK ST.

  • If you reach Woodlawn Dr you’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far

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