Great meeting everyone!

It was great meeting everyone that came to the meeting today for information about the fall and summer training. For those of you that didnt make the meeting or wanted to know what was talked about here is some more information!

– Those that received the summer packet please do as much of the running as you can. Returners both boys and girls should be able to do most of it. If you are an incoming 7th grade boy or girl, please only do about half of the running that is listed. Get these runs in early in the morning and remember to hydrate as much as possible!

– Practices will begin on the 2nd day of school at 6:45am at the track. If you have volleyball or football i will make sure that you get to your practice on time.

– Schedule will be released in July. As of right now coaches are still moving to new jobs in the area and i am waiting on several to get back to me if they are hosting a meet. We are going to try and keep things a little closer this year. Most of the meets will be on Saturday mornings

– If you would like to know what shoes you need to train in or wear for running, i recommend going to a lukes locker. The closest one located to burleson is in Ft Worth. Here is the address  2600 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107. They can tell you what shoe you will need to be in for your foot.

– If you have not gotten a physical for next year please make sure and get one. You will not be allowed to start practice on the 2nd day of school without one!


I am really excited for the cross country season! The way that this sport has grown over the last year is amazing! Last year we really surprised some people and i only think that we are scratching the surface here at Kerr! I look forward to seeing each one of you guys in the fall! Stay safe this summer! Remember, Champions are made when no one is watching! Lets defend what we won last year!


-Coach Hansen


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