Quad County Race and Directions!

It is crazy to think that our excellent season wraps up Wednesday! Here is the info for the parents that want to attend! I will need two parent volunteers for the meet. The job is basically watching the course making sure nobody cuts the course. This would be a huge help as all schools have to bring two representatives. I will be having kids be dismissed from tomorrow at 1:30! We have to be at the meet by 3:00 for a coaches meeting. Here is all the info down below!

Brewer Bears Quad County District Cross Country Meet

Central Park

Date: Wednesday October 15th

Location: Central Park (White Settlement). This park is located off of loop 820 and White Settlement Rd. Take the White Settlement Rd exit and go east (to the inside of the loop). At Las Vegas Trail you will go RIGHT. The park is located on the right hand side approx. 1⁄2 mile.

Check-in Time: 3:00pm

Race Time: 4:00pm

Race Schedule:

The next race will start at the conclusion of the race before it.

7th Grade girls

8th Grade Girls

7th Grade Boys

8th Grade Boys

Zone 1-Burleson Hughes, Burleson Kerr, Everman, Granbury Acton, Joshua, Mineral Wells

Zone 2- Aledo, Brewer, Granbury Middle School, Stephenville, Weatherford Hall, Weatherford Tison

*Medals to the top 10 runners in each division.

*All entries are due on athletic.net by 8:00pm, Monday, October 13th. No race day entries.

*We will have our Athletic Trainer on duty for injuries.

*We will provide water and cups but, please use the trash cans to clean up your camp area after meet.

*Bus parking will be located in the north-west parking lot of the park. (North of the football field)

*ALL schools are responsible for bringing TWO workers. Workers must be someone other than the middle school cross country coaches. We will have a workers meeting at 3:30pm.

Directions to Central Park

2. Merge onto I-35W N via EXIT 38 on theleft toward Ft Worth/Alsbury Blvd.

7.6 mi
3. Merge onto I-20 W/I-820 W via EXIT 45Atoward Abilene.

9.5 mi
4. Keep right to take I-820 N/Loop 820 N viaEXIT 428.

3.3 mi
5. Merge onto I-30 E via EXIT 3B towardDowntown/Ft Worth.

0.8 mi
6. Take EXIT 6 toward Las Vegas Trail.

0.2 mi
7. Merge onto West Fwy.

0.05 mi
8. Take the 1st left onto Las Vegas Trl.

  • 7-Eleven is on the corner
  • If you reach Laredo Dr you’ve gone about 0.2 miles too far
1.0 mi
9. Turn left onto George St.

  • George St is just past Michael St
  • If you reach Allencrest Dr you’ve gone a little too far
0.2 mi
10. 8902 GEORGE ST is on the right.

  • Your destination is 0.1 miles past S Judd St
  • If you reach the end of George St you’ve gone a little too far

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