Spring Break Workouts!

Good Sunday afternoon Cougars!

I wanna say first thing, thanks to everyone that showed up to movie night! IT was a great success and I hope that out of that movie it made you motivated to do the best that you can as a runner! Luckily for you guys, your running career is just getting started and you have so much potential.

Here are the workout for you track runners

Monday 30 mins of easy running

Tuesday: 25 mins of running. After the first 10 mins of running, do 1 min hard and 1 min easy until you run is over

Wednesday: 30 mins easy

Thursday: 25 min of running. 1:30 hard with a 1 min rest until the rest of your run is done. Start this at the 10 min mark

Frdiay: 20 mins easy

If you guys can get any part of this done that would be great! Remember our season ends for some of you the 2nd Monday that we get back because that is when our zone meet is held. Top 4 make it out of Zone! Have a great spring break!

-Coach Hansen


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