Regular Practice Schedule

Good Afternoon Cougar Nation,

Down below is our basic information on the season! If you have  any questions, please email me at! See you runners on Monday!!


Monday(8th grade boys and ALL Girls) and Thursday(7th Grade boys and ALL Girls) : Practice at CHS 6:30am- Take a shuttle bus back to Kerr by 8am. These are the most important days, as we will be getting Hill workouts and Interval workouts in. Dont worry if you are a volleyball player or Football player, We have worked it out in the past where you can be with me and i will get you back to practice. The only thing you might miss is the warming up part. Which you will be plenty warm by the time you get back!

Tuesday and Wednesday– Practice at Kerr during athletics. If you play football, Tuesday will be an off day for you. In years past, i have had football players run the same morning as a football game, and that creates to much stress for the body to handle. Wednesdays for football players, you will have to get in a run after school and log it into strava in order for it to count. (If you are new, i will tell you what strava is)

-If you are a girl that’s not in Volleyball, you will be joining me during your athletics period for the workout. For the Volleyball players, you will need to get in your workout after school on your own. It will have to be logged into Strava in order for it to count as a run.

Friday: Off day for everyone

Saturday: Is usually a meet, we do have a few Wednesdays mixed in. So please check the 2017 schedule at the top of the page on

STEAM- You kids will be able to make it back on time to your shuttle if you arent in 1st period athletics. Which i dont think that i have any kids that arent in 1st period athletics for STEAM. If you are an 8th grader going to STEAM, you will make your 1st shuttle, they usually leave around 8:20, and you will have access to a shower!

If you feel like this is too confusing, or cant do it based on schedules and other sports, Please talk to me! I am very flexible when it comes to certain things! I would love to have any child out that wants to be running for Cross Country.

Lastly, We need parents very badly to help work our home meet on September 9th at CHS. If you are interested helping out in anyway, please send me an email at We want to put on an amazing Cross Country meet for this area, and it greatly helps our booster club! So far we have 36 teams signed up with more to come and we NEED your help!!


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