Results from Saturdays Meet!

Here are the results for Saturdays Meet!


Boys 4th Place

Luke Johnson 11:22.4

Nick Lamond 12:34.5

Dakota Larabell 12:45.5

William Carter 13:33.2

Tabor Hodges 14:25.9

Peyton Tuggle 14:41.2


Girls 3rd place

Corinne Van Cleef 13:54

Katie Shue  14:31

Kendahl Tucker 14:35

Kate Moravec  14:59

Kaliee Porter 15:41

Delaney Neal 15:49

Clara Schwind 16:11

Elise Lewis 16:25

Shelby Hamburg 18:44


Please note that this is 200m short of 2miles. Next week on our course its going to be 2 miles with the Green Monster hill that we have! Looking forward to everyone running next week!!


-Coach Hansen



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