Saturdays Meet!

Whew! Its been a crazy short week so far! Lets go over a few things about the rest of the week and Saturday itself.

  1. Everyone should have a uniform besides 7th grade boys. 7th Grade boys you will get your uniform tomorrow. If for some reason you dont get a uniform Thursday, please come in your athletic clothes Saturday Morning.
  2. I will not be available on Friday as i will be on the course getting it ready for Saturday. If you try and email me most likely i wont see it until after Saturdays meet.
  3. Volunteers for the meet need to meet at CHS on friday night at 6:30pm to receive their assignment. We will go over any last questions that you may have as to where you are. Most if not all of the Jr High parents are course observers. Which just consists of making sure no one cuts the course! I just needed more eyes out on the course! I really appreciate those that are doing this! Its because of you that our meet is successful and has grown in year 2.


*** All KMS runners need to be at CHS by 8:00am. You will go to the field where we start our stretches for morning runs at CHS. You will be camped out near the High School runners. I will have your bibs that you need for your race. You just need to be in uniform and have your bib pinned on your uniform. Middle School girls should run around 9:30-10:00am. We are hoping to run this meet really fast like we did last year. Middle School boys will follow.

*** Lastly, I wont be able to coach and get the runners organized like i would in a normal meet. Since i am one of the race directors i will be leading the Lead cart of ALL RACES and wont be able to tell you to warm up. Girls need to be warm and ready to go by the race before them which is the 2 mile for HS. Middle School boys need to be ready and ready to go when the middle school girls race. PARENTS PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR RUNNER IS READY TO GO FOR RACE TIME!

Racing schedule is below: First race is at 7:30am

Races: 7:30 am Rolling start

Varsity Girls 5K

Varsity Boys 5K

JV Girls 5K

JV Boys 5K

Girls 3200

Middle School Girls 3200

Middle School Boys 3200


As usual if you have any questions, please email me them before the end of Thursday at! Can’t wait to see everyone Saturday! Its going to be beautiful weather!!

-Coach Hansen


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