Track Season Details

Good morning Cougar Nation,

Track season is upon us and I wanted to share some information about the long distance side of things! Track season consists of 3 races for us. The 800m(2laps), 1600m (4 laps), 2400m (6 laps). Unlike cross country where everyone gets to race, with track only my top 3 will race in each event. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t apart of the track team. Injuries happen, people fail, or get sick, but the most important part is it gets you ready for Cross Country season in the Fall.

That’s our goal this spring is to get you ready for the Fall season! Even if you don’t want to run track, if you were in cross country you still need to be at our practices because we are getting ready for the fall. I am okay if you don’t want to race in track and just want to practice with us! Down below is our practice schedule for track!

Monday & Wednesdays: 7th grade Practice at Chisenhall bus leaves at 7:45am(Could change depending on roster size) Bus will be back at Kerr by 8:45am for Steam Kids). For 8th grade we will leave at 3 and be back at 4pm. 

Tuesdays- At Kerr Track (7:45am). 8th grade is during the period till 4 pm
Thursdays: Track meet. If no track meet, we will run at Warren Park. Always leave from Kerr.
Fridays: At Kerr Track 8:00am for 7th Grade. During the Period only for 8th grade until 3:40pm.
If you guys have any questions, please feel free to email me!!

Coach Hansen